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Don Alm
April 23, 2015, 09:59 PM
I thought I'd share something I learned about trying to sell stuff via Email.......... some yrs ago.

After sending out tons of emails trying to get "SUSPECTS" (Restaurant and other biz Owners) to click the Link in the email to go take a look at the Sales Page on my website.....I decided to see what some of the Gurus were doing to "turn Suspects into Prospects"....so I had a chance to turn the Prospects into Customers or Clients.

I found 2 "gurus" who were "just Whetting the Whistle" of suspects by offering something FREE that was of Good Value and.....in order to get this FREE thingee they had to "sign in a Form" with their Name and Email Addy.

When they signed in, the Form grabbed their Info so if the suspect...who had now become a Prospect could be contacted MANY MORE TIMES.....until he became a Client or Customer.

I kept one of the Instructional Videos on this Topic. Here's the Link....


Do NOT pay attention to any of the talk about "Affiliates". Just think of the points being made on How To Market To "Suspects".

And.....Number 2 - I've found that MOST biz owners Pay Attention to their FaceBook MESSAGES. So.....I send short Sales Letters to "Suspects" via the "Message Box". Again.....tempting them with a FREE thingee they consider of Value.

Then.....when they come along and see that in order for them to receive this Freebie they have to Sign In......I've captured a "Prospect".....to whom I can send Sales Stuff until they become a Customer or Client.

Hope this can help someone here.

Don Alm

Note: I've purchased dozens of PLR Videos and Programs from various sources and NOT ONE has mentioned ......grabbing the Names & Contact Info of potential customers, so they could be contacted over and over. Rather, they say to "Decide on a Niche".....put together a List of possible customers and Blast out....hoping to entice a few to visit the Sales Page on your website. HOGWASH!

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