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Don Alm
April 24, 2015, 08:22 PM
Hey....It is "Wedding Time" in America!

I have not only a GRREAT Idea that can bring Mucho Bizness to "Wedding Photographers"....I have a way to get Wedding Photogs in Every Town to pay ME a Nice chunk O Change....Monthly.....for a Space on my WebSite.

The "Wedding Season" is upon us. June is the Most Popular time of year to get hitched.

So.....usually the Father of the Bride pays for the wedding (Used to be. Maybe not anymore) Anyways.....June is known as "The Wedding Month"!

It may be too late this year BUT.....baack in 2002.....when I first conceived this I got a BIG Hotel Chain to agree to pay me BIG BUX for my Program that would allow them to CAPTURE .....MOST of the Wedding biz in town.

WHAT was this Astounding Idea (again.....JUST an Indea) I showed them a way whereby they could garner MOST of the WEDDING Receptions in Town (They have 3 ballrooms) They could have SIX Receptions per weekend!

What if a Photographer or Hotel were to offer....."INSTANT WEDDING PHOTOS".....to prospective Wedding Parties!

As I explained to the Hotel Mgr in charge of Receptions....."Many people can't attend the Wedding or Reception of loved ones HOWEVER......what if the Hotel were to have a "Hotel Photographer" (with approval of the Main Photog) snap "Digital Photos" of the wedding and Reception and UpLoad these "Candids" to a certain website where those who could not attend....could SEE candid shots of the wedding and reception......the DAY AFTER THE WEDDING! (Rather than waiting weeks for the "official Wedding Album")

So......the Hotel "Bought" my idea and I proceeded to get 15 other Hotels in the Chain to also participate.

Actually.....I started out with ONE Photographer, a buddy of mine who was opening his photog biz and asked me if I had any Promo Ideas for him to get Biz!

I set him up on my website and showed him How to get Wedding Clients by offering to not only take the "Official" Wedding Photos for the Albums but to have his assistant (his wifee) snap some Candid Shots (this was b4 didgital) that would be available to be seen.....the NEXT DAY!

AND.....the Printer that was hired to Print the Invitations.....included a Note on the Invitations that is anyone was unable to attend the wedding or reception.....they could go to "MY website dot com" the day after the wedding to see Candids.

So.....my buddy Freddy was SWAMPED with biz.

I then took the program to a Hotel Chain and they too.....loved the program however......because this is a relatively simple thing to set up.....the Hotel Chain set up their own program for "Instant Wedding Photos".

However.....nowadays......I think MANY indivdual Wedding Photogs would be willing to pop for being The ONLY Wedding Photog in Their Town to offer INSTANT Wedding Photos.

Ya only knows if'n ya tries!

Don Alm......shoulda got into this a few weeks ago. Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda

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