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Dien Rice
April 29, 2015, 05:13 AM
Recently, a couple of friends asked me to have a look at their websites, and give them feedback...

I was shocked at what I saw!

But before I continue... Let me back up a for a second...

Imagine someone is going to your website...

What would they like to see there?

They're going there because they want to find out something juicy... Maybe something they can be involved with. Or some attractive thing they can buy, which will improve their lives... Or which will make them wealthier... Or improve their relationship... Or something which is a lot of fun...

But... They get to the home page and - salivating in anticipation at what's to come - they see...

"XYZ Corporation was founded in Cityville for the purpose of establishing solid prospective developments and managed product acquisitions. We established our first office in the mid-2000s and have since managed to procure numerous products of relevance to multiple industries..." etc. etc.

What would happen on reading this?

Most people would go to sleep. Or quickly click away!

Now, about my two friends, who had asked for feedback on their websites... (They don't know each other, and they are working on separate projects.)

Both of them had taken the approach above... They had "about us" information on their home page - and little else (except for some easy-to-miss links)!

You know what? I was surprised! But I guess this is a common "error" to make (which I had completely forgotten about)...

It's an error, because this approach will likely drive people away, before they even discover what you have to offer to them!

(In both cases, I recommended that they answer the "What's In It For Me?" question their visitors must be asking, instead...)

I just thought I'd mention it here. If two of my friends did it, I figured there are probably many others who are making the same mistake...!

Best wishes!


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