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Don Alm
April 30, 2015, 12:01 AM
Excuse me BUT.....in my involvement with "Cosmetic" surgeons I happened to take a look at a Niche known as "Cosmetic DENTISTS"!

Well... as my research has found....."Cosmetic Dentist" is a Mis-Nomer.... meaning, the Dental Industry does NOT have a Group known as "Cosmetic-Dentists"!

However...... some Dentists. in their Promotion efforts, like to use the term "Cosmetic" dentist......to maybe push their "Image" ABOVE that of "regular" dentists.

Thus.....the dentists that use this term are...VERY MUCH CONCERNED ABOUT "IMAGE" and....,placing themselves ABOVE other dentists...So.....THESE dentists are Super Prospects for most any promotional ideas.

And.....because "these" dentists usually charge BIG Fees for their services.... they are MORE prone to be very interested in YOUR Marketing proposition.

Don Alm.....I just bought a Video Commercial for "Cosmetic" dentists

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