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Don Alm
May 14, 2015, 09:09 PM
I'm sorry for being a "pest" here BUT.....I just got a call from my "student" Katrina who is a clerk at my local Mini Market (where I get my coffee and paper every morn)

Katrina's husband walked out on her about 6 mos ago leaving her with 3 kids and NO support......monetarily, physically or anything. She got a "job" at my favorite Mini Mkt and......last month....when she asked me if I knew of any "ways" to earn money!

I asked her what she knew about Computers and Digital stuff. She told me she was UP-To-Date on the PC stuff with a FaceBook Page and pretty good on the other IM stuff so.....when she got off her shift that afternoon.....I showed her my "PIZZA BUX" dealee AND......that I would PERSONALLY get her her first TWO accounts paying HER.....$1,000 in front and $1,000 a month and.....if she wanted to make more.....it would be UP TO HER!

Anyways......I got her her 1st 2 clients and......she.....has gone out and gotten 4 more Pizza Accounts....for a total of SIX......I repeat SIX Pizza Biznesses paying HER......6 x $500 initially and 6 x $500 Monthly! as of Today!

Holy Camoly! Do YOU people on this Forum REALLY....REALIZE what is "POSSIBLE" in this .....still great....."Capitalist Culture"?

Maybe only a few years left before da Lefties take over completely SO.....git yer Buns In Gear! You OWE yer grand kids!

Don Alm......ready & willing to help pay for my grandkids education

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