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Don Alm
May 18, 2015, 12:27 AM
I'd like to share a "Marketing Technique".

Personal Injury Lawyers can earn BIG Money from ONE Client. So....what if I were to make it easier for them to get Clients.

So....I created a Website for ONE Personal Injury Lawyer in Grants Pass, Oregon .......www.personalinjurylawyergrantspass.com

This website has 3 things going for it
1) It looks Professional
2) It has a professional Video telling viewers about a
3) FREE Report that can help them choose a "Personal Injury Lawyer"

Now.....the way I plan on selling this site to ONE Law Firm, is to.....;
.... is to place the Icons of 4 Law Firms (at bottom of page).....contact each of the 4 law Firms telling them that YOURS is one of 4 Law Firms I've chosen to be the ONLY Law Firm receiving the Leads from this website.

Contact me for more details!"

I also Optimize 2 Videos (with Full Color Thumbnails) to capture people looking for a Personal Injury Law Firm in Grants Pass.....and send them to the website!

Thanks for reading

Don Alm

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