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Dien Rice
May 19, 2015, 11:23 AM
It's a timeless problem...

You need to find socks. You need a pair of them...

Yet... you only find ONE SOCK!

Here's a crazy business which tries to solve the problem... They do it by selling

THREE socks for the price of TWO !!

So, when you lose a sock... you still have two left!

Okay, it's kind of loopy... But I can see how it would attract some customers!

(Plus, they'd make good "gag" gifts, too...! :) )

It's amazing what you can sometimes find out there as businesses which seem to be working...! :)

Throx... Three socks, for the price of two...!


Best wishes,


P.S. Their website has been around since 2003... That's 12 years... So something seems to be working for them!

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