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View Full Version : Is this the real way to predict the future, Faith Popcorn-style?

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Dien Rice
May 24, 2015, 05:26 AM
Is being successful at predicting the future, really about marketing your future predictions?

One of the most famous "future predictors" is Faith Popcorn... Who, I think, is really a master marketer.

First, her birth name was Faith Plotkin. Somewhere, she changed it to Faith Popcorn.

Does anyone really have the surname "Popcorn?" However, which is easier to remember, Plotkin or Popcorn? Which has more positive mental associations? It was a good marketing move!

Secondly, she's great at coming up with catchy terms for trends... Cocooning... Atmosfear... Egonomics... EVEolution...

There's definitely some "catchy" stuff there!

I wonder if that's where the real skill is for the successful future predictors...!

Hmmm... :)

- Dien Risotto

(My new, more "catchy" surname...! ;) )

P.S. Here's a great story about Faith Popcorn's name...

There's No `Pop' In Plotkin, So She Changed Her Name

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