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Dien Rice
May 24, 2015, 11:45 PM
(This really follows on from Gordon's earlier post...)

Faith and John made tons of money coining new terms and selling their "research" (now highly discredited) to Fortune 1000 companies (stupidity abounds).

for the last 15 years, some of the trends WE (including you) have forecast have come truer than the high paid consultant or the online astrologer...

cause if you know the state of the PARADE OF LIFE, it isn't that hard to predict the future, is it?
Hi Gordon,

You're right in that the PARADE OF LIFE is a great predictor of what things will be in circulation... so you can profit!

Gordon wrote about it in the Chattel Report (http://www.thechattelreport.com/)...

A quick explanation. Let's say a couple have a newborn baby. What's one of the things they will almost always buy? There will be plenty, but one will be a baby stroller (or pram)...

So, there will be a demand for baby strollers from these new parents...

Yet, once the child reaches a certain age, the stroller will no longer be needed. So, either they'll throw it out, put it in storage, give it away, or sell it... The thing is, it will be gotten rid of.

There will be a circulation of baby strollers! Some selling, some buying...

Of course, you can get in the middle, and profit from that...

This is part of the PARADE OF LIFE... Because you only need baby strollers at a certain period in your life. After that period, you don't need them any more...

This is not really true for every type of item, I don't think. For example, you could buy a painting to hang on your wall. However, you may never get rid of it. My parents bought many paintings (by artists nobody would have heard of, we're not talking Picassos here)... and they kept them hanging on the walls because they liked them. Many of the scenes reminded them of their childhood backgrounds. (For example, we had some farm scenes, since my Dad grew up on a farm.)

But... the Parade of Life is a great tool, for making moolah... It helps you hone in on what is profitable to buy and sell!

(Gosh, there's a lot of good info here, if I do say so myself... ;) )

Best wishes,


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