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Don Alm
May 27, 2015, 01:03 AM
Excuse me BUT.....I just got off the phone from an "ol'" buddy who bought a bunch of PLR (Private Label Rights) web commercials who was having a hard time trying to sell them so.... he asked me if I had any suggestions.

Well.....he lives in a small town and he really likes Web Videos. He's been trying to Rank Videos for certain KeyWords like....Town + HVAC and Plumber in "Town"...etc.

So....I KNOW that trying to Rank Video for keywords can...and usually does, take some KnowHow and Time.....2 things my buddy doesn't have much of...yet.

He set up a website to display the videos to prospects.

So.....I gave him TWO suggestions:

1) go to your FaceBook Home Page and type in, at the top box...."HVAC in Town".....(up comes a bunch of HVAC biz)
2) Pick some you think are prospects (NO franchises or Big operationgs) and click on the word "Messages" and send the following message......(sorry, I can't divulge everything)

And....because I KNOW....from experience that....even busy Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors.....Owners of biznesses ....PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR FACEBOOK MESSAGES!

So......this technique caused some people who could PAY him.....to go to his website.....watch the videos and.....BUY!!!!

So.....whatever you are trying to sell....remember that Biz Owners and Doctors, Dentists, Professionals and Biz Owners.....PAY ATTENTION to their FaceBook MESSAGES! USE IT!

Don Alm

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