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Dien Rice
June 15, 2015, 01:07 PM

I have a question for the "brain trust" here...

(If you're not sure if you're part of the "brain trust" - you are!)

I was wondering, can you buy - legitimate - YouTube video channels?

I did a quick search, and all I could find were "scammy" "buy 100 YouTube accounts" type of websites... (I think people use these "fake accounts" to "fake increase" their "likes"... or to sell "fake likes" to others, so they look more popular than they really are...)

But, I can imagine a person could start a YouTube channel, start making an income, and at some point down the line, want to stop and move on... and perhaps sell their account...

I don't know - do people do this? Is it in line with YouTube terms and conditions?

I think such things could be quite interesting investment opportunities... Since popular videos can keep getting views - and making an income - for years to come...

Best wishes,


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