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June 21, 2015, 11:48 AM
Good to know.

I'm involved in a project (a Toll Booth Position) which requires an offline solicitation which directs people to an ONLINE info packet. BUT, we're not using a website...we don't want any competition on this, so no one can find any web site.

I tested this in the past, and it worked ok...now for some sites, I have the privacy and for a couple of shared sites, we use the company name and address.

I'm liking the idea of not having a web site to offer our services, but having the information available online and with bitly and tiny url etc., you can send them a link but not to a website. If this privacy thing happens, then I'll be doing more of the non website information hosting platforms.


The best of good fortune with your project Gordon. I am building a digital services business that does down to the nitty gritty not require a website for low end, i.e., $200 - $400 services. I know this is true because people shells out this amount range daily on certain sites to people telling them they can provided what they need done. And 99% of the providers does not have a website.

But at the mid to higher end, say low four figure and a above, especially for monthly ongoing services people may want to see a website for their comfort level before pulling the trigger, sending $2,500 to my business Paypal account, etc.

I guess I will find out.

Well for all that it will or will not do to influence ICANN's decision, I will lodge my protest. If enough webmasters lets them know they protest their proposed effort to lay all business domains bare, it may cause them pause.

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