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June 24, 2015, 11:37 AM
It was suggested a toll booth tutorial would be helpful in understanding and finding opportunities.

First, Toll Booths are everywhere in business, but the one element they all share is CONTROL. Of something. Here's a list of a few of them:

Chemical Formulae (Harvey's specialty)
Real Estate
Marketing agreements
Manufacturing rights
Distribution agreements
Licensing agreements
Technology Transfers

They are just a few. The difference between Toll Positions have to do with the amount of TIME one has to work on, and many simply require a once a year review and an automatic renewal...the Prime cut of toll booths.

There is NOT an across the board definition of what it is...but having control is a big part of them all. It could be a an owner operated pizza shop Papa Felice's or controlling the recipe for the sauce which may be bought by large chains.

It is more a way of thinking about your business (money making) ventures than it is a separate entity from your business. It depends on your goals and what you want. Papa Felice might love going to work every day. Papa John wanted to scale it up to big business.

Most tolls are about an agreement. You don't need to study law but an understanding of agreements and some of nuances, would help you out.

My opinion, Harvey Brody already wrote the "tutorial", which is found in his course, recently available on ebay.

At least the basics of what a toll booth is.

It would be great to get an update and to see an answer to those questions posted in the other thread...

they seem to be asking about technology and the part the Internet plays in today's world with regard to how Harvey uses it in his 60 years of continuous toll position success.

Is this a correct understanding of what you may be interested in?


PS Cutting edge is not a fixed position, within my life, we went from mimeograph to Xerox, from rotary to tone phones, then cordless, then mobile...to Dick Tracy style watches. To 3d printers. From phone to FAX (still used around the world) to email and pdf files.

So that is a line you can't catch, but, you can use the tested and proven methods of those on the cutting edge of their industries.

So, the publishing industry (and EMPLOYEES) that Harvey left is different today, and it may be he is looking into today's publishing....the problem is the same we had 5 years ago...

Unless it is Global, why would he devote any time to a small potatoes project when he is doing so well in the world of big money?

TIME. Time after Time. (Thanks Cyndi)

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