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Dien Rice
June 29, 2015, 03:16 AM
It seems many people believe in the power of toll positions... But don't know how to get one...

Well, toll positions come in many shapes and flavors!

Here's how I got a simple, early toll position...

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you'll see a link which says "The Success Report"...

That's a report which wasn't written by me. It was written by Michael Ross.

Michael wrote a great report, but he didn't want the hassle of having to sell it (which can take time and effort). So, he and I came to a deal...

I'd promote his report, and exclusively sell it. We'd split the profits evenly!

It worked for me!

Now, you might think, this is just like selling any affiliate product. Actually, it isn't. The difference is the exclusivity. Nobody else sells the Success Report but me... It's a toll position which is shared between me and Michael. If you want to get a copy, you have to go through me, and Michael will also get his share of the profit.

I didn't create the report. Michael doesn't have to put in the effort to sell it... It's a win/win situation!

Now... When we did that deal, I didn't know much about toll positions. But that's what I got... A very simple toll position I've made a profit from every year since we did the deal...

By the way, if you have any info-product you'd like me to promote (possibly in collaboration with Gordon Alexander, if he's interested), let me know... I'm open to more of these deals. (Shoot me an email (dien@sowpub.com).) It's win/win for all involved... You can "add value" to your own toll position...

The point is - you can acquire toll positions, and do it with no money down. You don't have to exploit people - it can be done on a basis where everybody wins...

That was a very simple example! I've done plenty of similar deals, as well as some more exotic deals... But that was one of the earlier ones.

Now... What Harvey's doing nowadays puts this in the dust. However, you have to crawl before you can walk... More in the future...!

Best wishes,


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