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Dien Rice
July 7, 2015, 10:58 PM
But don't worry, they do not have any robotic forum moderators yet.
Hi Trevor,

Thanks for sharing that article... Very interesting!

Your forum comment brings up an interesting issue... Will we one day have "robot" forums? We'll just have robots talking to each other... We humans perhaps can peer in, and just read the wisdom that fellow robots share with each other?

Of course, if the robots are talking to each other, they don't need English... The forums will probably just be streams and streams of 0's and 1's !

A really funny robot joke on such a forum might look like this...

00100011 010111100011 01010111000?
10011111011 11101111 1110101 !!!

Get it? (I think that joke was about the robot's mother-in-law...) ;)

Thanks for sharing, Trevor!

Best wishes,


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