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July 18, 2015, 10:56 AM
throwing in the towel.

Heard about a guy telling his family at the reunion, he was a diamond cutter, in other words the groundskeeper at the baseball stadium. Sounds like our presidential candidates.

Now quitting too soon.

Fred DeLuca had TWO Subway shops, both were failures, he almost threw in the towel, then he opened a third with some tweaks...BOOM, the mega success of the world's largest chain.

Steve DiMarco asked Fred an interesting question, he asked him about his failures and Fred told Steve he thought that was the best question he had been asked.

Turns out Fred has had many failures after his Subway success. But he keeps trying.

When I was inside at SCI I saw the proof from a billion dollars of testing that only one in 7 promotions are winners. Most are marginal or failures.

But the ONE winner, allows you the chance to find the next, knowing most won't work.

Consider if Fred DeLuca had thrown in the towel after two shops, he probably couldn't afford to have had all the failure since then.

Now I got to get back to work, I'm a hot in demand potato consultant, in other words, I have to add some fries here at McDonalds.


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