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July 25, 2015, 12:57 PM

Lots of Northeast Ohio companies with pallets full of stuff waiting t be snatched up. What direction?



An opportunity has come up, to potentially participate in international trade... Specifically, exporting. At the "container-load" level... (Meaning shipping containers.)

This is new to me (though I've read several books about import/export, so I know something about it)...

I can see the huge potential...

Does anyone here have experience with importing or exporting?

My partner in this with me is quite experienced in this area... Part of what we're looking at exporting are customer returns - that is, those products which get returned to the store, for whatever reason.

(Apparently a good percentage of them are perfectly okay, and are essentially brand new. Sometimes they're returned just because the customer couldn't understand the instructions, and couldn't get the product to work as a result, and so they return it in frustration...)

Best wishes,


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