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View Full Version : Is Donald Trump's run to be Presidential candidate part of his business strategy?

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Dien Rice
July 30, 2015, 03:27 PM

I suggest you read this article as well:


Bai doesn't like Trump. That's obvious. But he is in awe of Trump's branding ability. And, Bai leaves out any mention of the Obama brand building phenomenon he was part of creating. To me that makes Bai a complete scumbag whore but, hey, who am I?

Trump is brilliant, according to me, in creating and developing a brand. Should we all take a lesson from The Donald? I don't know but it might not hurt.
Thanks Tom,

That was a good article!

There's no doubt Donald Trump is a kind of business "genius"...

I read his first book, "The Art of the Deal," many years ago, and I still think it's one of the best books on "deal-making" (which in my mind is different from "negotiating")...

To me, "deal-making" is bringing multiple parties together, so everyone wins... and you get a piece of the pie too!

There aren't that many books on it that I'm aware of (but there are a ton of books on "negotiating")...

What's Donald Trump up to? I'm sure he has something up his sleeve... I'm sure it's more related to his business than to winning the presidency. And I think there's a reasonable chance he'll get what he wants (whatever that might be)!

Best wishes,


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