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August 11, 2015, 01:54 PM
Aw Shucks Trevor,

Imagine me Blushing and kicking my tennis shoe shod
foot into the dirt - modestly.

You Should Know THAT - The Info on my Site Is DANGEROUS more than

(Which is WHY I give a Golden Rule test to keep you safe.)

But I appreciate the Compliment.

I've had Web
Tech Challenges
simply Store
thousands of munny making stories
I use with Clients at the Archive.

***Because my 1st Webmaster DIED of a Heart Attack.

***2nd Webmaster - Tried to Blackmail me cuz he owned the domain name.

***3rd Web Guy - Lost interest After he bought a Chain of Strip Clubs
in Ohio - he spent all his time "Interviewing prospective Dancers."

***4th Time - Chris in FL - is the Charm.

My site is simple...(To me.)

I - I interview Self Made Millionaires around the world.
Write down how they make munny.

II - We Watch What Self Made Billionaires are doing to Take our munny.
Write and do Audio interviews about their methods.

III - We Chunk the ideas down - so us "little guys" can profit.
Adapt it for VIP readers to the Ezine.
And KEEP Records of their profits in the ezine archives.

IV - The CORE Site content RAISES YOUR CHI Energy Level as you
read and listen to 1/2 billion in F-r-e-e Case Study - proven munny making stories.

(EDITORS NOTE - VIP's Learn to Raise and Lower Their Energy - so They
Can TURN ON THE CHI when they need it.)

V - Then IF you can Qualify - Pass My Golden Rule Test by Giving Away
a Instant Scratch OFF Lotto ticket or a couple 1.00 Bills to a Clerk or Waitress...

You Are Allowed to B-u-y
And Talk to me.

And Get 90% off the Truly DANGEROUS NLP stuff. (And a phone Walk Thru Customized info from me) Where you Learn to Use Walter Hailey's NLP Sales Script - conversational Questions - to Talk to

(Like the Billionaires do on TV, Movies, Ads, Print - Like J.K. Rowling.)

VI - WEBSITE is Divided in 4 SECTIONS -

A - Double-Opt in - Ezine Sign-Up top of page.

B - F-r-e-e Audio and Reports down the middle of the page.

C - Several 1000 Ezines - where we make VIP Inner Circle members munny
at the bottom.

D - 87 --1-of-a-kind Info Books and Mp3 Products LINKS down the left
hand side.

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
Rentamentor Group
Master of Ceremonies at the Billionaire Watching Club
Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Club - Ezine

P.S. - Only 1 in 20 Newbie Ezine Subscribers PASS the VIP - Golden Rule Test
And EARN PERSONAL Coaching from me.
(Dunno Why so few.)

You Start by sending me a Testimonial - Like This Guy...

"I found your website a couple years back while researching NLP and just now realizing how important what you teach really is. I'm submitting my lotto ticket testimonial from tonight in order to get the discount on Enchanted NLP. I cannot wait to use it in sales and in general.


I went to a local mexican bar and grill place with 4 "money" $1 scratch off's. The waitress who was mild mannered brought out our drinks. I gave her one ticket and she looked at the ticket and me twice with a confused look that turned to a smile. I said "this is for your great service." She replied "that's the first time this has happened'' She smiled and took our order. After she took our our order, I gave her another ticket. She laughed. Said "tonights my lucky night, I guess!" then walked away. Another girl brought our food, I gave her a ticket too. She laughed and said "I didn't think I'd get one too" She then went through a list of all things we might need. I asked her to bring some hot sauce. She came back with 5 bottles! She said "I didn't know which one you'd like." She returned to giggle with our original waitress. When our original waitress came to bring the ticket, she asked if we wanted desert. I said I was full but the fried ice cream looks great. "how about some for later?" I said no thanks and gave her another ticket. When she returned with desert, she gave my girlfriend her desert and threw a free fried ice cream in the bag for me! It's one thing reading about this stuff. Now that I've experienced it, it's all systems go from here on out!

To the future!

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