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Dien Rice
August 12, 2015, 07:37 PM
Who's permission do I need to win the lottery? Must be someone in control of this gov't mafia.


PS. I seldom give myself permission to spend the dollar a ticket would cost, my inner voice, in commanding tone says...PERMISSION DENIED ON THE LOTTERY. So I get an ice cream bar instead. he he.

Hi Gordon,

Having wrote what I wrote... some self control can be good, too! :)

There was a time (back in the 1990s) that I was playing blackjack regularly... At that time, my city (Melbourne, Australia) had recently opened a casino. I memorized the tables which show you exactly what you should do, depending on what cards are showing, to maximize your chances of winning. Even with that, your chance of winning is still just below 50%. But then, with card counting... That's how you get your chance of winning over 50%!

However, I gave it up. Why give up "easy money"? Because, I figured, if I mastered it... I'd quickly be banned from the casinos! Why not play a "game" where they won't "ban" me if I win!

That's why the game of business is better than being a card counter... If you know how to win, you can keep on winning, without being "banned"!

Writing is a kind of business (if you want to make money at it). And everyone who can talk, can write! That's the beauty of it...

And if you want a "toll position" - writing is probably the easiest way to get one...

Best wishes! :)


P.S. Feel free to quote me!

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