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September 1, 2015, 03:41 PM
We have several area colleges, the two big ones, Kent State and Akron U.

So, in doing our postcards, got an idea (testing shows big promise) to put TWO hosts on the front of our 6x9 card. One a "sit and wait" service, like oil changes, tires, batteries or car detailing, any place where you might be without your car for awhile...

AND a nearby restaurant. OR retail store. We've found several such places near and around the colleges. AND, we're testing the different variations of the "come here and go there too" postcard. A joint venture, where the hosts pay NO money. FREE.

And the distribution of the 2500 (or more) location offers is done by a college student to Frat and Sorority houses, sports dorms, upper class student dorms and/or student housing.

The card has 10 small ads on the back, most with BOGO or big discount offers, and so far, it doesn't need to be exclusive and all the fast food and pizza shops and burger/taco joints in town could be on it, depending on their location.

This along with our "theme" cards, where all advertisers have a related service, like weddings, cakes, photos, etc.

The distribution to the houses and dorms, does cost a little extra, but so far, as compared to Junk Mail (9x12 EDDM) and local coffee news type and placemats/menus...the ads are getting directly into the hands of people who will see them and are better targets.

IF you have a college nearby, this could give you some very fast results.

AS we all know, Selling Advertising on printed materials, and other methods has been around for years. The giving away the FREE card to hosts, is rapidly becoming our model of choice.

Who doesn't like free?


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