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September 6, 2015, 07:35 PM
I set up things in 90 days cycles. A habit of both the submarine service and social work.

On the sub, we were in Guam 30 days getting ready then, on patrol for 60 days (all under water). After patrol, we had 30 days R & R and 60 days training while the other crew had the boat.

In social work, we did a lot of Individual Plans (IHP-Habilitation-IEP -Education-IPP- Personal Program, etc. etc.)

The team would meet once a year, with the doctors/professionals, then the core direct services teams met every 90 days to review how the plan was going.

So, I have developed this 90 day cycle plan in my business and money making ventures as well as personal goals. Many know I'm a "White Board" fanatic, and have several going at once.

Example: a new writing project may be 30 days of research and outlining and 60 days of writing and editing.

I find myself unable at this stage to go out beyond 90 days for the most

When I was studying with Harvey Brody, I translated his 'View from the Rooftop' (and the rungs up the side) and his "Flight Plan Checklist" into my own units of time.

Some times I use 6 days x 10 to get my 60 in.
Other times 12 x 5. So I have flexibility in the projects. By crossing off the days on a big calendar, you can see your progress (or lack of it) and when you fall behind.

IF I get too far behind, I then have to reexamine what I'm doing and try to locate the block and either remove it, or retool the project.

So, do you set up goals and PLAN it out? If so, what tools do you use to stay on track?


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