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October 15, 2015, 11:12 AM
Quit Being a Newbie is a short 9 page report, mostly motivational, but on page one it says:

The single biggest problem and obstacle a Newbie Internet marketer faces is:
You will have too many choices and too many options.

Good golly Moly, my head is spinning and my evernote is overflowing, since trying the 10 ideas a day Dien mentioned some time back...and what I've been doing is trying to get 10 new ideas out of every Glenn Osborn post on barter...my head is about to explode.

Thank you Glenn for sharing those with us.

Since I have "shut down" all mind activity except for stand up comedy and America'sa Got Talent...I have created a thought log, or idea list...which has gotten massive...

which I expect to "someday" revisit when my stand-up career comes to the X X X X four buzzer ending I foresee in my future...

But who am I kidding?

I've already got a few notebooks filled with ideas, and I bet YOU do too, don't you?

At the least, you have a file, or one ntebook you've scribbled in over the years, right?

How often do you RE Visit your old ideas? Honestly, I'm about once a year, usually in December I have a review of year/life day in which I go through my boxes.

Anyhow, when I wrote Quit Being a Newbie it was to be part of a an Allen Says-Warrior Forum project, can't remember what and why...but that was the OLD Warrior Forum, not the new improved WF, oh, I see in yesterday's news, Matt Barrie cashed out about 4% of his stock, sold to corporate investors for 12 million AU bux. You Oz folk need to pick up some shares when it gets down into pink sheet territory...just sayin, might be a good investment at below a buck a share.

Oh, where was I, too much information? Too many choices? Too many distractions and shiny objects?

Perhaps, I needed to re visit that old report too...cause those 9 pages are just what I needed t hear.

If you haven't read it in awhile, download in our Tokens of Appreciation section.



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