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November 4, 2015, 09:25 AM
Before the year is over, I'm thinking of heading to Seattle. Why?

The Amazon bookstore. The reason is, it will be carrying the top, the bestsellers and just walking around the store will probably give me a first hand account of what are the HOT topics.

In our small reports course, we discuss finding hot topics to pursue...and since the world's largest bookseller is going to display those, it could prove to be a very lucrative trip. One big tip is they are putting cover out displays, which means...

the cover of your book (report) is IMPORTANT. They wouldn't take the shelf space if it wasn't.

So covers should not just be slapped up (as mine so often are)...but some thought and salesmanship should be put into it.

Well, there you go, first you kill the competition and then you build your own store upon their ashes.

Should be lots of stories this week, and if we are as savvy as we think, then there will be some good hints in the news which could help us all sell more books, courses, information.


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