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Dien Rice
December 7, 2015, 01:41 AM
If you've been "thinking" about starting a business - any business - but haven't done so yet, here's why you need to get started...

Once you have started a business - you suddenly have more credibility...

I've found most opportunities come through other people. Once you are yourself a businessman, businesswoman, or entrepreneur... and you talk to people, they'll open up to you about opportunities they might have for you.

If you're just a "wannabe" and haven't yet done anything, they won't waste their time...!

So you gotta "get in the game" as soon as possible! (This gives you credibility for further opportunities...)

Let me give you an example... Recently, I've gotten into international trade. I went to an event where there were a lot of other people who were also involved in international trade. By being there, and mentioning that I had a 40-foot shipping container of products on its way to a destination, some of the other people there opened up. One guy I met told me about 27,000 tins of infant baby formula he could sell to me at about 15% below the normal "FOB" wholesale price (still over a year till expiry on the tins). If I could have found a buyer, I could have onsold it still below its normal wholesale price (say, 5% or 10% below), and made a quick $10,000 to $20,000 on the difference. These kinds of deals are out there... But you gotta be in the game to find out about them. (In this case, I couldn't find a buyer, partly because I was too busy with other things at the time to give it the time it needed...)

Best wishes,


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