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Dien Rice
December 11, 2015, 02:33 PM

Gordon Alexander and I have both had the good fortune to have been "schooled" by Harvey Brody in the art of entrepreneurship...

However, what we don't talk about all that often are some of the "other" lessons.

One of those is regarding health. Harvey is in his 80s, and is still in great shape!

How does he do it?

One of his "secrets" that he told me about is that he eats no food "that comes from a factory"... That means no canned food, packaged food, and so on...

At the time, I thought, okay, it probably is a good policy, but surely there must be some "factory-made" food which is okay?

Then... Earlier today... I read the following article...

It's all about how the food industry tests, tweaks, and tests, to make sure the food you eat gives you maximum "bliss"...

That way, you'll want to eat more... and more... and more...

The main way they do this, for many foods, is by adding sugar!

Almost all "factory-made foods" have sugar!

Well... I wanted to share this... Perhaps eating fewer "factory-made foods" - or cutting them out altogether - can help us all to live a happier, longer, and more blissful life!

How The Food Industry Engineers The Need To Eat

Best wishes,


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