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December 15, 2015, 12:38 PM
It Is a generalization but there is truth in risk reward, which simply says...the greater the chance of losing everything the better chance of astounding returns...and in probably most cases, the chance of loss is great.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers, in some cases. A business plan fully fleshed out increases the chances for success.

There are two options and a combo on New business risk, one is to spend money and the other time.

For many people, who are capable of making larger investments, their time is worth more than their money.

I'll be circling back in the coming days to Saudi Arabia and the trouble which will come from their civil war, and also back to doom and gloom presented via presidential candidates.

There willbe new businesses started in 2016, some will fail, a few will be huge hits.

There will be cash cow absentee owned business opportunities.

There will be barter and exchange opportunities.

There will be chattel ops, big and small...from selling your TV to selling a truckload of closeout and overstock merchandise.

AND there will be a choice between time and money, as new start-ups will find out.

I was forced to learn Photoshop, Quark, then Quark xpress, MS Office and other publishing programs...and spent the time in the early days to learn html which still comes in handy,

BUT, it is a better use of my time to hire these tasks out.

I'm still a believer that selling (or any form of exchange of value) is the best use of experienced time.

As for Barter being anything, if you sell hammers, then every passerby is told everything is a nail.

Perspective, I suppose.

If there is one big lesson learned over time, it has been the old lead a horse to water, but can't make em drink idea.
As Elmer Wheeler would say, make em thirsty.

So many people have a vague idea, a sort of goal, and lack plans and tools to make their real goals happen.

With a couple of my current students, we're revisiting the SQ1, it comes to life as working tools when used with goals.

So time or money OR

a combination of both?

There are too many great opportunities today, picking and choosing the right one could be the hardest thing of all.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. My done for you offer needs to be discussed first, I can't (WON'T) accept your money without fully fleshing out the idea.

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