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Dien Rice
January 16, 2016, 07:48 AM
Well... If you've been on this forum for a while, you'll know those posts from the past about making money by putting ads on placemats...

How it works, you see... Is you find a willing restaurant, and offer them free placemats. Then, you find advertisers for the placemats... You collect the money, that pays for the placemats, and it's a "win" for all!

The restaurant gets the placemats for free, advertisers get to reach the restaurant's patrons, and you get to put some green in your jeans!

Here's another twist on the idea... This guy has been making $3,000 a month with this twist...

Instead of a restaurant, he offers the placemats to universities!

In addition, he can put the university's own messages on the placemats too.

It gives the universities another way to communicate with their students... Local businesses get to promote to the students. And, again, he gets cash in the bank...

You can read more about making moolah with university placemats here...!



Best wishes,


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