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January 16, 2016, 07:02 PM
Flint MI, federal disaster area, their DRINKING water is, not drinkable. I know cities across the country are facing similar problems...mainly due to rising costs of water sources and water treatment.

Municipalities are low on money, so in Flint's case, they got water from a nearer source...a very bad source and a very bad idea.

Flint will not be the only city in crisis over WATER. Opportunity?

MACY'S and WALMART are closing stores. MACY's at many malls, in which they are an anchor store.

Locally, our Chapel Hill Mall, once rated as one of the most profitable and most visited malls in America, is a ghost town and when MACY'S leaves, along with Old Navy, Aeropostale, Express are leaving this quarter, it is toast as a retail destination. The mayors of surrounding cities are holding special meetings, to avoid the devastating domino effect this will have. Opportunity?

Meanwhile, Signet Jewelers of Akron, is continuing to grow and dominate the jewelry take over. New plans, include the possible combining of brands, their many regional brands could have inside store kiosks of the national lines.

With many malls on the brink, look to this giant to see how it reacts since it usually has at least 2 stores per mall and maybe 2 free standing ones nearby. Opportunity?

Top Franchises and fastest growing franchises along with fast growing Biz-Op are focused in a just a few sectors.

Home Services, with DIY growing daily.
Gyms, with many as meeting places.


Yea, everyday we see opportunity, but it requires one to ACT on the opportunity.

The problem, as I stated in Before You Buy Anything, is

the biggest opportunity out there, is the one to WASTE a lot of your time, mainly by flitting from one thing to another and not focusing in on your real goals. Whatever they are.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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