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January 18, 2016, 12:00 PM
We want to repurpose our Chapel Hill Mall.

Do you live near one which has been used for something other than retail?

We have case studies from around the world, and these include office use, educational (more than one mall has been turned into a college), churches, and clean industrial (electronics assembly)...

I like the idea of one end of the mall being a community recreation center, and the other end an incubator. One of the anchors could be a mini-mall with kiosks and small footprint outlets.

Do you have any ideas? We're gathering as much information as is available as what has already been done, now we want some

off the wall

or way out side the box


One MACY'S store could easily contain a Kids Kollege of Sports. Under one roof, kids could be taught tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, golf, bowling.

Consider Volleyball. With 10 courts, an adult league, an adult CO-ED league, kids leagues...a Volleyball CLUB, tournaments.

The courts are hard to come by in the schools after the season ends, and summer sand courts are weather dependent. But, you could have both, sand and hardwood floor courts under one roof, and get young kids started with a beach ball type game (easy on the hands).

It could be a Family Destination, where the kids get to do their own thing, be it volleyball or gymnastics or even dancing, all in a safe environment.

So, recreation could be a new purpose, as well as Education.

Cities which have been flexible in their zoning are the ones who have come out of the retail crisis and doing well.

Holding on to old ideas and concepts, and the whole Big Box concept are OLD ideas, time for NEW ideas.

I've shared a few of mine, you got any?

Gordon Alexander

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