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Dien Rice
January 24, 2016, 04:43 AM
I'm a fan of good story copy...

By "story copy," I mean good copywriting... that tells a story!

You can find some good story copy nowadays in the J Peterman catalog...

Here are a few I enjoyed...!



[Picture of a jacket.]

Hacking Around Normandy.

I wanted to meet Solange at her family’s place for another formal hunt last fall…the sight of this woman in a fitted hunting jacket does me good.

My schedule only allowed an informal ride through the forest.

“Here, Peterman, we will try this,” said Solange. She held up a jacket that belonged to her brother, who was away on a crisis at the Ministry of Communications, and pinned it against my shoulders with her thumbs.

An appraising tilt of the head; “It will do,” she said.

Brisk canter over red and gold leaves under a cold grey sky; I was glad for the high zip-up neck. At the forest’s edge we met another couple riding. They chatted with us in French for a while; I nodded as if I understood.

Solange was thoughtful on the way back to the house. “I suppose it’s true,” she finally said, inspecting her pommel. “You do look almost French now.”

A sideways glance and a slight smile.

“Of course, you still ride like a cowboy.”

Eurostyle Sporting Jacket (No. 1316). Sturdy brushed face cotton. Satin-lined. Distinctive 3 1/4” high zip collar (vaguely military). Elasticized waistband. Adjustable velcro cuffs. Two side pockets, with zip closure, plus inside zip pocket. Zipper down center front, hidden under placket. Antiqued silver zippers and dyed-to-match snaps have a subtle high-tech look. Imported.

Men’s sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Colors: Midnight Blue.



[Picture of a sleeveless black dress, with gloves.]

A Bellboy’s Infatuation.

I carried up her luggage, overhearing her cell phone conversation.

“He’s handsome… we’ll see.”

It was the “we’ll see” that prompted me to turn around to find her unblinking stare set upon me, sending my heart aflutter. But I couldn’t hold her gaze, making it clear I was the bellboy and not the bellman.

Later that night I saw her at the gala wearing a little black dress flared at the bottom with slender velvet gloves and a long crystal necklace she twirled in her fingers. She was with a man but he would be excused rather early. As she left the gala I saw her gloves still on the table and followed her to the elevator where I found her still twirling the necklace. Was she waiting for me? Had I misread the signals? Too late now.

I handed her the gloves and our eyes and hands locked for longer than was comfortable.

The necklace fell slack in her hand and I pulled her close, sending her heart aflutter.

The Mermaid Flare Dress (No. 4405). 100% polyester. Scoop neckline. French bust darts. Upper calf length with textured shimmering flounce. Back fitting darts. Fully lined. Imported.

Women’s sizes: 0 through 20.

Color: Black.



[Picture of a red and black plaid shirt.]

Sophisticated Rebel.

Just outside Carcassonne, in southern France, I’m sitting on a teak bench in the gardens of Château de Villeréglan.

Dusk is settling in, cool October winds blowing in from the Mediterranean. I’m about to get up when in rides a middle-aged man on a white Camargue horse (14.5 hands), no saddle.

He’s wearing this black and red plaid shirt, jeans, barefoot, holding two bottles of red wine in a way that I could tell was from his own vineyard.

He casually dismounts, tying off his horse on a nearby olive tree.

“Henri,” I mumble. “You do make an entrance.”

“Sorry I’m late,” he winks, handing me a bottle.

Rebel Plaid Shirt (No. 3721). Made with a soft, pure virgin wool woven in an English mill established in the late 19th century. It’s a non-itchy fabric lined with pure cotton on collar and cuffs. Corozo buttons. Topstitching abounds. Button flap chest pockets. Made in Portugal.

Men’s sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Color: Red/Black Plaid.


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