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January 31, 2016, 03:45 PM
Thanks Dien,

I Just BRIBED My List with a FLIRT Report to Email Me with their #1 FAVORITE HEADLINE.

The Bribe?

A Special Report Called - "How to Pick Up Women Without Saying a Word"

(EDITORS NOTE - I can't get People to HELP me test Advanced Sales Ideas
We Get from our Billionaire Watching Club members - So we HIDE the ideas inside WILD and CRAZY - Flirt Stories and E-books. Which my VIP's LOVE, LUV, LOVE to go out and Play with.

TRANSLATION - We have Global Mastermind Network Of FLIRT Testers.)


I emailed Dien - got his OK
to Post My Headline Test here too.


By BRIBING my List to VOTE - I've got my Headline Choices chopped down to these 6. These Headlines got the most votes - so far.

CLICK this link to VOTE at TitleTester...



I - I'm using Title Tester to Separate Votes from SowPub and my list.

II - Title Tester is limited - in that they have not figured out that you MUST
BRIBE people to boost Response rates to Headline Tests.


A - Email me if you VOTE and Want a Copy of the BRIBE REPORT.

("Hey Glenn - I Voted on Your "JUST SMILE" Headline Test and Want my BRIBE REPORT.)


Glenn Osborn

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