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March 21, 2016, 11:16 AM
Courtesy via Harvey Brody.

Solve Problems In Direction Of Goal.

Or, Solve YOUR Problems In the Direction of YOUR Goals.

I know NO ONE who goes from A to Z without turbulence in the air, bumps and detours on the road, obstacles in their path...

Once in a while we may all get lucky and have a smooth ride but most of the time; in business, life and making money activity...it is more like a Harry Chapin song

"There's no straight lines make up my life and all my roads have bends
There's no clear-cut beginnings and so far no dead-ends"

Just as I know very few people who have clear paths, I also know very few people who have clear cut GOALS.

If you want to solve any problems in the direction of your goals, you must first have a goal.

Harvey Brody relates it to a flight plan, if you want to fly from California to New York and you take off from Los Angeles and the plane heads west, it is going to be a very long flight. VERY LONG indeed.

And as often as not, that plane is going to land somewhere else and maybe never reach the goal of NY.

Today we have GPS to keep us on the right road. In the old days we had Trip-Tiks from AAA and maps to follow.

Not many useful GPS devices for staying on our goals path.

Earl Nightingale said, "Motivation comes from the anticipation of a desired result."

Earl had an inspired moment while reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. His inspiration was, "We become what we think about."

My version is, "Where the head goes, the body follows."

Over the last few months, in wrapping up and winding down my consultations (both paid and free) with people, I encountered the same problem so many had 25 years ago...


on one thing long enough to get the results they wanted.

Butterflies and bumblebees in a flower garden flitting, flapping and flying from red to yellow to purple.

And so it has been with far too many people. I can't set other people's goals nor do what they need to do to get from A to Z.

Which is why Harvey Brody's "system" has worked so well for me.

His method begins and ENDS with Z, not the A. You can't know A until you have Z.

Whether you use his Rungs on a Building, the View from the Rooftop, the Pre Flight Checklist, the Iron Filings on the Table, it all is about the

THINKING of the steps, the route, the plan, the path to get from where you are at today to where

you want to be

at some point in the future.

Harvey builds rungs down the side of his buildings, from my social services background, I like to BACKWARD CHAIN what the steps are. But either way you need to have a clear vision, a known result in mind because

without knowing what the STEP OFF RUNG is, onto the top of the bldg to see the view from the rooftop...

or that final action to complete the task...how can you know the step before that and the one before that?

I've found that very few people can stay with a ONE year program they design, and far too many have gotten distracted and yes, most admit and acknowledge it is their own fault, it nevertheless is disappointing to me as an adviser.

It just may be impossible for the majority of people to set goals and achieve them for a wide array of reasons.

It is just an observation, but I see lack of planning and then early exits on their paths as the primary reason for so much failure in Internet Marketing and in money making endeavors in general.

Of course, this is a broad swath opinion, and since this is the SowPub forum and not the Warrior Forum, most of this doesn't apply to you, right?


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