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April 3, 2016, 01:18 PM
Thanks Gordon,

Interesting Co-incidence.

I am Testing which of a Series of "How to Make $ in 24 Hrs with Copywriting"
books to write first.

Did a BRIBE Test to my list.

A - Chocolate Cake Copywriting - The Energy Sponge Writing Method (V#1)

Subhead - IF You Feel Like Cr*p You Can’t Persuade in Print
(I am SLOW - It took a Swift KICK by a Billionaire Copywriter to Learn this.)
B - Chocolate Cake Copywriting - How to Fight Writers Block And WIN (V#2)

(Subhead) - NEVER Face a Blank Page Again

C - Chocolate Cake Copywriting - Want More Moolah in 24 Hrs?(V#3)

(Subhead) Plug Your Content into these 7 NLP Thank You Letter offers
that made Btwn 1326.11 and 186,414.34 in 24 hrs - Again & Again.

D - CHOCO CAKE COPYWRITING - The Billion Dollar NLP Template That Makes You Moolah from Home

(SUBHEAD) PLUS - 3 Proven Variations We've Adapted to S-ell On-Line



Popular Product Idea. Lots of Responses.

But Letter C and D - almost tied.


Whilst BEFORE I was planning to Write them in #1 thru #4 Order.

Now I will Write #3 and #4 Books FIRST.

***C - Chocolate Cake Copywriting - Want More Moolah in 24 Hrs?(V#3)

***D - CHOCO CAKE COPYWRITING - The Billion Dollar NLP Template That Makes You Moolah from Home (V#4)

SHARE my test with you?

It seems that BASED ON This TEST.

Moolah Making SPEED
The Credentials or PROOF of Previous Results

Might be IMPORTANT to the POPULARITY of any Copywriting Course you Create.


We're not about to compete in that market. And we're not making a course to be sold to lots of people

We were looking for a handful of copywriters, who can learn how to write our way, and get results, which result in ongoing assignments and potential long term contracts.

The problem with all courses, or books, is they are what they are. I mean a book is static, contains what it has.

Ours is dynamic, custom created, one-off, one-of-a-kind, personalized lesson plans designed around what our "consumer" brings to the table.

Not everyone needs to start at basics, or reread or rehash over certain ideas about writing copy.

I get that most of your people, and from what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong)...only about 10% of your visitors actually take the challenge...so if you are only testing to your lists, or as Colin Theriot might put it, to your "cult", it may not be the best indicator for a general public copy course, right?

I have no desire to deal with people, and, this can be taken anyway the reader wants...but, what I know, is too advanced for copywriters and marketers looking to fleece more fungalos from the flock.

But, I do appreciate your tests results, seem to confirm Ben Suarez' adage of 30 years ago...

Tell me quick and tell me true
Or my love, to hell with you.

Moolah making speed fuels IM.

Credentials? I like the idea of case studies, perhaps I'll add some to our Small Reports course.


Like, Bud Riggs doing 10,000 in his first week, 25 the first month.
Or Skip Rosell's 1,000 dollars a day for his first week with one of his reports.
Or the 250 Hunting and Fishing HOTSHEETS which Pete Egeler sold in a day.

Real case studies, from real people sharing results. Yea, I like that, we can probably incorporate that, THANKS.

Gordon Jay

PS. NOT case studies for the billionaires, but for other "fly low" types, especially family guys who have families to consider and don't need a Maserati in the garage.

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