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April 2, 2016, 02:16 PM
for ME, a person with gut problems.

Old timers know I'm an experimental cook and baker, more flops than winners but I get lucky once in awhile. My bean ice cream wasn't bad.

My cookie quest:

No wheat flour, no gluten, no salt, no sugar added, no dairy, no nuts.

Sounds like an awful cookie in the making. But, I'm close. Somewhere between the Italian classic biscotti and the Jewish Mandel Bread, and Hawaiian fruitbread...

is the sweet spot. I like the hard dunking cookie, like biscotti or simple sugar cookie, but, NO sugar allowed.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about my muffins, and Glenn Osborn is a known muffin aficionado. I also developed a 2 min. microwave version, which, when cut, and toasted came out like a cookie. And there were the pan cookies too.

Anyhow, a breakfast cookie, a lunch muffin, afternoon snack...all tasty and healthy is what I'm after.

So, if you have any decent recipes and like to experiment in the kitchen, just keep these guidelines in mind, OK?

No wheat flour.
No gluten.
No dairy, including eggs, milk, cream or butter.
No nuts.
No Sugar.
No Salt.

Then let me know, we can exchange recipes. I'm also trying to use known "super foods" (not sure that is a real thing)...but some foods have a decent reputation, like blueberries, kale, etc.

Gordon Jay

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