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April 13, 2016, 12:41 PM
Hiya Gordon,

I'm in that FB group and many others, lol. The group itself is a pretty good group of folks. I bought the 9x12 product some time ago but haven't actually sold a 9x12.

Yep, you're absolutely correct Gordon. It does appear very time consuming for little up front reward.

There was a member last week who mentioned changing things up a bit to go after the big fish for solo mailers instead of the 9x12 and you should've seen some of the odd reactions about this poor fella's decision to move away from the 9x12 approach, who simply had a light bulb moment after speaking with a direct mail guy who mails 100K postcards a week for his clients and doing quite well.

There are a few members who have figured out how to make the 9x12 profitable and have created a nice system to get repeat customers.

There's one group in particular, that consists of a 3 member team who have cranked out 18 cards over the last year or so. They have shared some clues about how they go about it. It's pretty ingeniously simple once you piece what they're doing together and they're able to close out cards now it seems in a week with their approach.

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