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April 24, 2016, 12:53 PM
I read a lot of articles about business... All kinds...

Most of the ones I share here have useful information. They could be opportunities you can adapt. Or lessons you can learn from.

Well... I'm not sure that this next one has any of those...

But dang, it's interesting...

Again, one of those businesses from Japan... In this case, probably only in Japan!

This is a real business in Japan, which has made 390,000 Euros - over $440,000 USD - in 2 years...

Doing... you know what?

Weddings... alone!

That is, this business helps single Japanese women, who are afraid they might never get married... helps them to get the "marriage experience"...

They get the dress, the makeup, the ceremony... The photographs!

Without the groom...

Then, it's back to normal...

Not sure if this business would work in the USA (or other Western countries)!

I have a feeling this one might be "only in Japan"... (Though I could be wrong!)

The pleasure of getting married by yourself

Best wishes,


Old Navy "joke"...

Are you married?

Yea, to Madame Palm, and her five lovely daughters.


Japan is a very different kind of place.


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