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April 28, 2016, 10:48 AM
23 people later.

I'm hoarse, tired of explaining and overall disappointed.

On April 21, I posted at the Cult of Copy Job Board. Since then, and subsequent posting here, I've spoken with 23 such people. Both sexes. All ages, from total newb to experienced pro.

And my conclusion? Again. Since I've already had one...

Pareto Rules. 80% want to become worker bees.

Oh, they think they want to be "Freelancers", copywriters living the beach/internet life style, sitting with rum filled coconut in lap, leisurely hammering out their masterpiece sales letter which is going to sell untold millions of dollars for some guru or the other.

Until a freelancer has a control, or writes a breakthrough, or has a bucket of results, they, for the most part are just working for their living, and it isn't glam nor prosperous.

Gary Halbert, in the very beginning of his career, often conferred with a local businessman I worked for (where I met Gary)...and he was instructed to

"create your own product".

Back then, we all loved the little report, book or "Print". Cassettes were NEW, and just in the early stages of being bundled into information products.

So, every copywriter I encountered then, was like today's fledgling actor with a Sit-Com script in his man bag...the copy guys were

CREATING their own products.

Bud Weckesser built Green Tree Press from the start up product 101 Ways to Prepare Hamburger. Somewhat ironically, he shared a local printer for one of Gary Halbert's first works on social security. Printing and mail were cheap, and INFORMATION was easily sold in supermarket tabloids and newspapers via eensy-teenie little ads.

OK. OK, and get on with it old man....

I spoke with 23 people who call themselves copywriters. 3, maybe, have taken it seriously and will look into creating their own products.

20 want work.

20 people want someone to hire them. 20 of 23 simply want an assignment.

Look at the A-list copywriters and every single one of them, EVERY ONE, has an information product, course, or whatever, sure about their craft.

But these guys all could create their own product lines outside of writing copy if they wanted to or if it was lucrative enough too.

What it takes to create a commemorative product is...



Good golly Molly (am I the last to use this?)...it is so easy to look into the future, see the anniversary of a significant event, and begin to brainstorm ideas on potential products.

And here is my rant (OH, no Mr. Bill, there's more?)...

I just don't get why a person with the ability to write copy wouldn't want to OWN a product and have the ongoing royalties which could come in over an extended period of time...

rather than taking a "job" for a given chunk of change, and then going out and finding another job, and another job. When

IF, they had some control, they could produce work in the same amount of time which could pay them for years.

I think these "Copywriting schools" are turning out worker bees (good for those who need the COMMODITY of copy)...and it is so refreshing to talk to an actual CREATIVE, someone who can think, and brainstorm, and see the bigger picture of ownership...

and all the perks and advantages that come with that TOLL position...

rather than the very myopic, microscopic view of a paycheck.

Where has Entrepreneurship gone?
Where is the desire to create and build something?

Oh, it is still out there, probably found in tech and the arts.

But creativity in copywriters? It is no wonder most of the people I spoke with will be replaced in the next couple of years by a computer, and I will be glad to see it happen.

Gordon Jay Alexander, Creative Marketing Professional

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