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Dien Rice
May 7, 2016, 09:11 PM
I'm a bearded man. While there are periods I've been beardless, for most of my adult life, I've had a beard.

Shaving takes so much time! Having a beard is a great solution if you're a lazy guy. :)

However, beards come with problems too.

I find if I grow my beard too long, it starts getting itchy. It also looks unkempt.

So, I use my handy beard trimmer, and trim it around once a month, to stop those problems.

However, some guys grow their beards long. It's "in fashion" now, among so-called "hipsters!"

How do they keep their flowing beards looking good, and smelling good too? It can be a challenge!

This is a problem a couple of friends and military vets in Alabama had. They were beard lovers, and put their two bearded heads together to try to come up with a solution.

What they came up with was beard oil!

Their beard oil comes in multiple masculine fragrances, like "Southern Tobacco," "Pineland," and "Apache."

They made a batch (after much experimentation), and sold it on consignment through a hair care store. Their first batch sold out quickly, and the store found it had to keep restocking it weekly.

Now it can be found all over Alabama.

It's often bought by wives and girlfriends, who buy it for the men in their lives.

They also sell other related products, like beard wash and mustache wax.

Who'd have thought that unkempt beards could lead to making the green roll in!

Their product is designed to appeal to a particular subculture. Other scented beard oils could be developed, to appeal to other different male subcultures.

You can read more here...

Alabama veterans out to 'save manhood' with Warlord Beard Oil venture

Warlord Beard Oil

Best wishes,


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