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Dien Rice
May 13, 2016, 08:37 PM
Flip through any muscle or fitness magazine. What do you see?

Ad after ad... Targeted at "jocks" or "wannabe-jocks!"

However, what about the rest of us... Those who aren't "jocks?"

As we know, high school (at least among the guys) was divided between the "jocks" and the "nerds"...

Are "nerds" destined to be skinny and wimpy, or tubby and slow?

One guy, Steve Kamb, was a self-described "nerd." However, he discovered by chance in high school that he enjoyed working out in the gym.

He ran into a problem. He found that the workouts seemed to be doing nothing for him. His metabolism was too fast.

After six years of trying, he finally found a routine that worked to put muscle on his bones. He also altered his diet, to find what worked too.

Finally, he thought, what about other nerds like himself, who may be too self-conscious to go to the gym?

That's when he created "Nerd Fitness" - just for "nerds" like himself!

The business has taken off. He started off as a one-person business, but now employs nine people, and brings in revenues of over a million dollars a year.

Most of his money comes from products he sells online at his website, http://www.nerdfitness.com . On his website, he has workout videos for "nerds" which he lets customers access for a payment of $179. He also runs a 5-day in-person Nerd Fitness camp. He charges prices from $849 to $1499, depending on the customer's choice of accommodation.

For those who have a passion, but don't fit the "stereotype" in that area of interest, this approach could help them start a business. They just need to teach people how to do what they do, for people who are like themselves, who don't fit the "stereotype!"

- Dien

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