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Dien Rice
May 17, 2016, 11:23 AM
It's here. I'm finally going to be rolling in the dough...

Wow, Gordon!

I don't know if people will realize what you're offering...

Gordon carries in his head the distilled wisdom of his teachers and mentors - people like Harvey Brody, Ben Suarez, Joe Karbo, and many others... He's worked with and learned from the legends in direct response marketing!

Ben Suarez hand-picked him to spend years learning every facet of every part of his company, SCI...

Gordon's had years of talking with Harvey, and worked with him on a couple of projects.

Gordon met Joe Karbo early on in his career when he was living in California, where Joe shared with him key insights...

And he's worked with other direct response giants too - who are not as well known (since they didn't write any books), but who are just as successful...

An hour of Gordon's time, for the price of about 3 Starbucks Venti Mochas? This will book out quickly.

Or, Gordon will remove the offer. (He always seems to do that.)

This could finally get you where you want to be.

Don't regret missing out on the opportunity!

Best wishes,


P.S. Gordon is one of my mentors... Believe it or don't, I'm currently working on what I hope will be a multi-million dollar deal (where I hope my payday will also turn out pretty well, as the guy putting the deal together)... It wouldn't have been possible without what I learned from Gordon...

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