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May 25, 2016, 09:09 AM
So, you're ready?

Now after all these years of floundering, frustration and failure. NOW, today, you are ready? OK.

Recently, I've come across more misguided thought processes than ever.

Let me see if I can "nutshell" it...

I know I can do it if I apply myself, and NOW, I'm ready to apply myself.

I'm tempted to call it delusional.

Last year, as I mentioned, I reached out to people who were desperate and a year later, they still are.

Some were going to do postcards.
Some were going to write reports.
Some were going to blog.
Some were going to chattel.

Some were going to become copywriters.
Some were going to find products.

June of 2015 should be easy to remember. Do you remember what you were going to do?

But, most of you didn't. You didn't DO.

Or DO for a long enough period of time to make your new behavior a habit. And because you didn't stay with your new improved you, you lapsed into old habits.

Well, listen.

It doesn't really matter. You get to do what you want. There are more than enough coaches, strategies, techniques, methods out there to use when you really want to change your life's situation. And most of you don't want to do that.

Call it the comfort zone, the same old same old, rut of life treadmill...

but, only YOU can do anything about it. Only you. And most of you won't.


PS. I am tickled pink for a few of you who have achieved your June of 2016 goals, and have proven to yourself that small continuous steps up the pyramid have you arriving at the top of your breakthrough. CONGRATS. Now, set even higher goals.

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