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June 6, 2016, 10:26 AM
50 years ago today, I got my drivers license. Me and a guy named Ike.

Already had a car, a 63 Rambler American Classic, picked up at a redo sight for wrecks. 42 years ago, we lost Lt. Melvin Dry in Vietnam during operation Thunderhead...


Today, June 6, a beautiful summer day here in Cuyahoga Falls after a rainy weekend which made it PERFECT for garage sale chatteling...tell you how I picked up an easy 1200 bux on Saturday, in a minute.

Dan the Man 'Jackson' had his third 1000 dollar day on Saturday chatteling, and yesterday, we hit a snag, in the form of his wife.

Dan and I may have to take a break, I'm not getting involved in THAT, see, two months ago Dan lost his job. A friend referred him to me, because he had a truck and wanted to make some quick money chatteling. About 10 days ago he reached his first 1000 dollar day, and has had three, which created a problem for him on the home front.

Dan almost quit, but had a breakthrough, then another. Up til now he and his wife have been living (a reduced lifestyle) on her income so as for him to build this chatteling thing up. Well, a 5k week told HER that he was doing it, and some of that money needed to come into the family coffers. For a vacation and some other "home improvements".

Ah, success sometimes brings on it's own problems, eh?

I've advised Dan not to touch ANY of his income until it gets to the point where it is routine, because it is based on a lot of effort at this stage.

But anyhow, THIS is a great time of the year to do your chatteling, people are selling, and gas prices are rising...all a slow tide incoming for another summer...

of hard times for millions. I've been right for 40 years, but maybe, this year I get it wrong. I forecast based on what people are selling.

And this past weekend they were selling EVERYTHING, and there is a pent up frustration (seen in the Trump success) which is about to explode, probably in Cleveland.

Also, June marks the start of my HOLIDAY planning, to get ready for six months from now, to insure it is a profitable season. Are you thinking that far ahead. We've got a soft launch on Thanksgiving of a new marketing company, several apprentices who should be getting established and a lot of writing getting done.

I'll be here less and less as summer progresses, I know Dien has some big projects on his plate, so, if you want to keep SowPub active, and keep it from coming the ghost town so many forums have become, you are invited to participate, or not, up to you.


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