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Dien Rice
June 8, 2016, 07:33 PM
I've dealt with many people in small business...

Many of them have great technical skills...

They may be a great chef. Or a great carpenter. Or a great beautician. You name it...

But, they can't market to save their life!

I meet these people, and I want to help them with their marketing. I know I can bring new customers through the door (as I've done it before). However, the reality is, I only have a certain number of hours in the day...

There is clearly an opportunity here. If you have marketing skills, you can get into virtually any business you want. You just need to partner up with the right person who has the complementary skills...

So, let's say a person would like to have a successful restaurant, but can't fry an egg without burning it? However, that person has true marketing skills. That person can then partner with a great chef... and handle all the marketing for the restaurant.

(A third person - a good restaurant manager - would also be wise in this case, too!)

This goes for virtually any other kind of business...

The lack of marketing skills out there really boggles my mind!

So... If you learn marketing skills... The real kind (based on emotional persuasion)... You can pretty much do whatever you like.

Who wouldn't want that? It leads to a very interesting life... :)

Best wishes,


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