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September 23, 2016, 10:02 AM
Tribe Hacking. Relatively new term.

Drs. Oz and Phil, hacked Oprah's tribe. A powerful tribe with money to spend on spurious things shilled by both "Docs".

Anyhoo, more poer to them...

20 years ago, I wrote in the Original Chattel Report, The Sprint to Freedom about taking over a Parade (or tribe hacking in today's world).

The scene from Animal House, at the parade, where the drum major takes over the parade and leads them down an alley, a dead end.

But unlike Phil, Oz or Animal House leader, no dead ends here.

IF you want to quickly establish yourself as an authority, or to become the preeminent go-to guy in your category, you can quickly and easily hack an established tribe to garner all the authority you want or need.

Want to know how?

Sure, I'll tell you. Probably in issue 2 or 3 of my newsletter, The Fly Low-Collect Dough Update Hotline. Are you signed up yet?


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