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September 25, 2016, 10:32 AM
OK, first two Fly Low-Collect Dough UPDATE HOTLINE newsletters are ready to go. Now, you can choose the topics with the Binary Matrix.

The Binary Matrix is a tool of the Square One Workshops to help with priorities and activities. Make a list. Compare one to two, one to three, etc.

My first one was a map of US Naval bases and ships, my recruiter had me put a big red X on places and ships I didn't want, and circle my OK places in Green.

Then I made a list of all the green choices and compared them until I got down to my final choice, Submarine in Hawaii...and that is what I got.

So, as Dien taught me, learn by doing.

Here are some choices of newsletter topics in random order. Please vote for your choices and the top subjects of interest will be featured in the newsletter.

1) One day workshops you can do for fast cash
2) How to start a local study group you can profit from
2) Remote Influence, how to penetrate minds from a distance
3) How to turn 1,000 bux into 4,000 at breakneck speed with APV
4) Buying pallets of products for quick profits
5) Healthy cookie recipes
6) How to get free vacations to exotic ports of call
7) Lowering your A1C (Mine from a 13 to a 7)
8) The secret to profiting from the KonMari method
9) _______________ Add your own.

Let me know if any of these have any appeal to you and/or anything else you may want me to talk about, and presto, it will get in.


Give the sign up page a spin and the first episode will be sent on Tue. (I think).


PS. If you prefer to send me email, send your topic to gjabiz@yahoo.com be sure to include FLY LOW in the subject.

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