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September 26, 2016, 10:27 AM
Thanks for signing up for the Fly Low Collect Dough UPDATE HOTLINE.

Let me talk about the 20 year old posts you rec'd; Multiple Streams and Prospect vs. Product.

First, that was a long time ago, such nostalgia. The new shiny sparkly Internet and the WWW. OK, enough of that.

Multiple streams. Here are 5 everyone here might have, easy to set up with modest goals if left to keep ticking can add significant moolah to your bank.

1) At least ONE Automated Product Vending (APV) website. Like a vending machine where you put money in, your candy bar comes out. Online, they pay and get a product, you drive traffic to it. Hands off, do you have your APV?

2) Affiliate income. So much to choose, Clickbank, JV Zoo, WF+, Amazon or any stand alone type, like water purifiers.

3) Transactions. Make one or a hundred a year. Flip one car for 2k profits.

4) Teaching. Online or off. YOU know something of value and other people will pay you to show them how.

5) Absentee or JV. Could be a simple loan collecting interest, to a food vending route, to an uber owned car. Have something which brings in income with or without your participation.

For discussion, let's set a goal of $2,000.00 per Stream per year.

An APV site selling 100 products at 20 bux each would give you the 2k.

20 "students" a year @ 100 bux each gets you there too.

The post was about not putting your eggs into one basket and I learned the hard way, and got the rug pulled out and took me two years to recover from my losses. It was a blessing in disguise, it only happened once. With multiple streams, at any given time, if need be, you can scale it up or ramp it into a higher stream.

Then you read about PROSPECT vs PRODUCT. There is no right or wrong, and maybe both suit you, like they do me. But the fastest way is PROSPECT first, the proverbial Hungry Market with cash in their hands ready to buy.

You simply set up shop along their parade route.

Sometimes, we get an idea and create a product. I've sold two games I created, and have a couple more up on the shelf. Many moons ago I invented the first variable loft and bounce wedge, and sold it off. Many imitations since then.

The quick summary is, Prospects first for speed, products for longevity, with many variations in between.

Thanks for signing up and if you didn't here's the link so you can figure out what the heck I'm talking about, OK?




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