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Steve MacLellan
September 27, 2016, 02:09 PM
Newspapers are in dire need for a new business model, as evident from an article today in the Tyee. Not only a Canadian problem -- it's being felt world wide.

So I was lucky to land at The Tyee, which over 13 years has built a healthy regional and, increasingly, national following based on readers’ appetite for what concentrated, corporate media were missing, ignoring, or increasingly unable to do.

But despite pride in all we’ve done, we worry immensely about our industry. We don’t want public-interest journalists, regardless of who their employer is, to be out of work.

And no one in Canada has yet figured out a digital-only online business model that easily supports a large number of full-time paid professional reporters. None of the local digital outlets have the size and scale that legacy media outlets once had.

The whole article can be read here:

It's going to take some sharp minds to solve this problem. But if someone, or a group, manage to pull it off... I would expect they would be well compensated. Especially if you had the solution tied to some sort of licensing agreement.


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