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September 28, 2016, 10:38 AM
Still trying to organize this...may use the Jay's Blog and post in there so as not to use up space on main forum...we'll see.

So far... there was the PRE Episode one, in which we looked at the Articles written long ago; Multiple Streams of Income (the post here has 5 examples of low effort income streams).

And the Product vs Prospect NPGS post. If quickness is your thing, then PROSPECTS (buyers of certain products) first.

You may have noticed it probably wasn't the longest Newsletter you've ever rec'd. Expect more of the same.

Also, from your posts here and email, I've got some topics coming up.

One that has a lot of interest is the ONE day workshop. It is still a good way to cash in, and with Craigslist Ads, not hard to find students.

Here is the ad I used a few months ago:

Retired Creative Marketing Professional with 35 years of online writing experience will teach you how to write small reports and sell them for decent profits.

Bud Riggs of Carlsbad, NM wrote a small report on Headlight Cleaning and sold over $25,000.00 of his report in less than 30 days. Although these are exceptional results, it is not uncommon to sell a few thousand dollars of your report in a matter of days.

I will personally teach you everything you need to know to get started during a one day session, about 4 hours of time.

You bring good writing skills, I'll tell you how to parlay your skills into a steady income stream.

The lessons are based upon this course, www.writerstollbooth.com/jb which is one of the sites we own.

I've had a business forum online for over 15 years.

You will receive a copy of the report and all the bonuses. Please schedule a brief phone call to help me decide which class to put you in. Class size is limited to 4 people, with similar interests so you can form, if you want, a small support and mastermind group.

The cost for the class is 125 dollars and a money back guarantee.

Initial contact via craigslist and I'll respond with my phone number, fair enough?

Will hold the class for one, but no more than 4 per session.

Get your questions ready, ask away.

Gordon Jay Alexander

This ad produced several students a couple of them became longer term students, still learning and paying as they go.

Here is another Craigslist Ad which produced good results too.

If you are interested in Internet Marketing, and seek a steady income from your efforts, consider setting up your own blog or forum.

Experienced Internet Marketer with a 16 year old forum will help you set up your own cash cow web site.

The classes are 2 hours each, and once a week for a month, held mostly at the Cuyahoga Falls library.

The cost is 200 dollars and you can pay as you go along, 50 dollars each.

We start with a chat, to see if I can help you or not. Then, once you have a firm goal and a plan, we will execute your plan over the course of one month, to get you maximum return on your time investment.

Thanks for you time and attention.

Gordon Alexander

PS. Make first contact via craigslist link.

We experimented with several of these this past winter, and different ads, but as a medium to get students, craigslist worked pretty well and hard to beat the cost. The library has several rooms on a first come first use basis. We've done several small ones at a Panera's, nifty place to meet too.

Anyhow, this seems to be the topic of interest, and will be featured in Episode 4, 5 or 6.

Thanks to all who have signed up, this post will probably be longer than most Newsletters. Promise not to spend a lot of time with it.


PS. Questions or subjects or suggestions can be sent to gjabiz@yahoo.com just be sure to use FLY LOW in the subject header.

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