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October 7, 2016, 08:54 AM
No, not PinInterest. Pin money was what my mother called the income she got from taking on some sewing jobs in between her 2 jobs. My older brother and I were required to start paying rent and buy our own clothing at 15. More on that later.

But "Pin" money was the little bit extra, money that wasn't used for the family budget, it was fun money or buy something you wanted type income.

Many of our FLY LOW COLLECT THE DOUGH projects fall into this category, and there are those who feel the "little bit" extra isn't worth the time, and if you think this, you are right, for you.

I like to use Bud Riggs as an example because I got to know him so well.

When I first went down to New Mexico, Bud told me he would routinely take out between 400 and 500 a month from his ATM for "spending money", for dining out, buying stuff here and there, the things not on a regular budget, li9ke car payments or house payments (although he had neither, his biggest bill was Water, which he was forced to pay in spite of having a well on his ranchz)...

but, when I got there, he had about 2 years of HEADLIGHT CLEANING under his belt and he didn't make any ATM stops. Approx, Bud had made about 10,000 dollars over that time, representing his ATM withdrawals.

So, he still got to eat regularly at the Chinese Buffet, while saving the 10 k. He used that to buy a couple of mobile homes, which he sold on land contract basis, and he actually sold them several times each.

Anyhow, an extra 10 to 12,000 dollars per year can be put to good use and multiply and grow into more substantial income, IF you don't have to spend it.

Now, some Fly Low projects can produce larger amounts of moolah, and they require more doing, commitment and become more like a business or a job.

IF you are disciplined and not desperate, your "pin" money can be invested into absentee ventures, joint ventures, or Internet Marketing ventures and can do so without upsetting the family budget.

An extra 500 bux a month could be a vacation, new car, debt free Christmas, or a couple of tickets to the game.

So, yea, Fly Low projects can offer a small side of beans, or could accumulate into a steak and potatoes dinner.

Pin money, got some?


PS. If you don't know by now, my favs are chatteling and Automatic Product Vending web sites, now stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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